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Review of Seether's Career, please read/give me your opinion of how I did!

This is NOT short, but please take the time to tell me how you think I did in reviewing Sether and yes, mostly Shaun. Rollingstone wrote a scathing review of "Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces" in October 2007 when it came out and I actually read the Braille version in one hand while typing it up on the computer with the other. I new eventually I'd write a Seether Review of my own, but it's taken me nearly 3 and a half years to do it. The depth and breadth of the band have apparently taken that long to continue to percolate and sink in. So please give me your thoughts!
Thank you!
Dear Shaun:
If I had the words, I would tell you how your guitar affects me.
If I had the words I would tell you how it pulls at my heart.
If I had the words, I would tell you what it's like, put you in my body, so you could feel it from my perspective.
I feel the frets surge, can hear your fingers pick the chords and the chords vibrate. They mold and conform to your soul, they wrap you in emotion, you make that guitar cry!
You make it bleed, you render it helpless against your assault!
I can hear you take that deep breath before you launch into the last chorus screaming, shrieking:
"Fake it if your out of direction! Fake it if you don't belong here! Fake it if you feel like infection! Fake it! Fake it! Fake it!"
Your throat burns your vocal chords melt your soul bleeds, and it spills and shatters over the guitar.
The guitar weeps in response, it trembles and shakes and crashes in waves of agony, of beautiful anguish!
From the beginnings of the original "Fine Again" off of "Fragile"
When the "Disclaimer" version was overplayed, I could go back to this and melt!
to the opening of "Driven Under" on "Disclaimer"
The friendis doesn't like me sitting on her couch when this comes on, afraid I'll have a massive orgasm & ruin the leather!
to the pounding desperation of "Burrito" off of "Karma & Effect",
I scream when they play this live, jumping in the pit & pounding my fists against the baricaid
and onto the boiling riffage of "Fake It" from Finding Beauty".
Heavy version: First time I heard this was on Z93KQZ & I flipped out, running around the room, jumping & bouncing off of every surface imaginable & I kept screaming: "Seether's on the radio!! Seether's got new music!! Ahhhh!! Seether! Seether! Seether!"
Itunes version:
Depending on my mood, I dance, cry or fantasize that he's playing me like he plays that guitar!
From "Fuck Me Like You Hate Me"
Got me jumping on a chair like a go-go & I hadn't even been drinking *I never do at concerts*!
all the way back to "Fuck It"!
Used to blare this & scream "Fuck It!!!" as loud as humanly possible! Lol.
From Your Bore"
Amazing live version with a breakdown that's killer! Or, would that be. . . SEXY???
and "Broken"
Another great live version where he's lovin' on the fans!
to your covers of "You Know You're Right"
See what I mean, completely channeling Kurt!!
and "Something In The Way",
The only man who can channel Kurt Cobain & could front Nirvana if they ever got back together:
you bleed music, you breathe agony, you scream rage and cry for help.
For yourself, for the world, for everyone and everything you've ever come into contact with and everything and everyone you've never known!
If I had the words, I would tell you of the passion I see, of the bravery and your nakedness, the layer upon layer you expose and exorcise for our benefit.
Your guitar and your voice are gifts from God, an extention of your soul and your life blood. Every time you play you give us a piece of your soul. You help us find a missing piece of ours. You make us see into the darkest recesses of ourselves, of our pain, our agony, all the things we must expose and deal with in order to move forward, to be whole and healed.
I have the words to tell you I love you, but not the reasons why. I have the words to promise you I'm not a crazy fan, a psychotic woman, a stalker, but even if I had the words to express how I connect with your soul, would you understand? If I wrote you a letter and sent it, if I saw you back stage and had the time to say it to your face, would you get it?
Do you understand the power of your own gift? The amazing strength of your own abilities?
In the depths of one song I'm crying and laughing and making love and war and finding solace and compassion and knowledge and love and acceptance and beauty.
Where would the world be without you?
Since I don't have the words, all I can say is thank you! Thank you for sticking it out, thank you for being here, for living and loving and making music!
I recognize your soul, I hear you and I thank you!!!
Honorable mentions, that can't go unmentioned!
What can I say about "Senseless Tragedy"? Off of "Fragile" it's no wonder it and songs like it got 'Saran Gas' noticed. *They now go by Seether*
A heartbreaking but beautiful balad of misery at it's finest!
"Tied My Hands" You can actually hear what sound like handcuffs in the background and Shaun's plaintive gasp for air at the beginning. The backing track is actually not Seether playing, but if Shaun hadn't spoken up I'd have never known the difference. The record company took it upon themselves to 'change' things without asking the band's permission, but I have to say, though I think it was sneaky & underhanded, it came out sounding amazing, and like Shaun and Dale spent months or even years getting just the right sound
"Never Leave" off of "Karma & Effect"
Shaun being vulnerable and daring to acknowledge what most of us, male or female, rarely do, that we need people and are sometimes, willing to do anything to make them stay, even to our own detriment.
"No Jesus Christ" a live version, song also off of "Finding Beauty"
Absolutely amazing opening! Shaun lost his brother to suicide in August of 07, but the album was released in October, so he was only given a couple of weeks to 'get over it'. There was no way that was possible, and you can hear and see it in performances like these:
"Gasoline" live, originally off of "Disclaimer" *in it's present form anyway*. What can I say about this? Angry, dirty, gritty & yes, sexy, from my perspective! Shaun also showcases his ability to change up lyrics, in this case making me feel like a sex-crazed hormonal teenager, in other cases making me laugh or break out in a wide grin!
"Naked" a B-Side from "Finding Beauty" that should have been on the album! Funny that I talk about how naked Shaun is, and then use this. Again, he's taking a page from Kurt, but I don't mean he's a Kurt Cobain wannabe, or a sound alike. What I mean is Kurt had his own tangled psyche when it came to women, to female relationships, how he came at them, and he had female parts of himself, that he exposed on In Utero and Nevermind especially. Shaun exposes his here, acknowledging his feminine side, wanting to share and express his feelings, wanting to reconcile it, but from a man's perspective, not sure how to approach it, how to fix or say what he wants to say.
I cried the first time I heard this.
And back to "Fragile" for this one "Stay and Play"
Love it!! Dirty, gritty, something you can shake your tail to!
"Give into me, don't let them see,
Give into me, do you wanna play with me?"
Allways elicits a 'YES!!!' response!
"No Shelter" off of the NCIS soundtrack, which also should have been on the "Finding Beauty" album, or at least released as a single! Where can I find shelter in a world and with people who don't provide it? An age old question!
"I've Got You Under My Skin" A Frank Sinatra cover & a damned good one! Is it about drugs, a relationship, or life? Nobody knows why they covered it, but when you listen to it, you can hear all those angles and feel the different textures of it in Shaun's voice. A beautiful cover, rendering Mister Sinatra speechless in Heaven *I hope, for all the right reasons*.
I know my Doggie Daughter Sadie throws her head back and howls along, so Shaun must have done something right!
"Careless Whisper" Rehearsal jam! I really had a tough time deciding to use the video, or this version, in fact, Shaun flubs up a bit here, he's screaming and his voice sort of decides to drop on him, but I thought you all should see them being goofy! So here goes!
"Beer" also from "Fragile" CD opener. Man this thing rocks!!! I love the song and put it on repeat, but the second verse is my favorite, there's a backbeat under it that makes you bounce!
"I wish you were a beer, the thirsty want a drink!
You wish I wasn't here, Your scared because I think!"
And finally, "Like Suicide" Leading track off of "Finding Beauty" This was performed bearly a month after Shaun's brother jumped to his death, and you can hear the rage and pain in Shaun's voice. I listened to it in 2009 when my brother died of a drug overdose and in January of that same year whilst preparing to bury my dog Gracie. The raw emotion here is like no other and what makes Shaun a great vocalist and Seether a great band!

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Comment by SG Michelle Medina on October 20, 2010 at 6:51pm
And why I posted this review in the first place:
RS says:
1/2 stars
Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces
Catchy heavy guitar riffs, bad lyrics and post-grunge cliches in a major pileup

Worst-lyric-of-the-year alert: "Your verbal defecation I can't wash away despite myself." So Seether frontman Shaun Morgan informs us in his Nickelback-ian growl during "No Jesus Christ," a seven-minute-long compilation of post-grunge cliches. The lip-ringed Morgan--best known as the subject of Evanescence's "Call Me When You're Sober," as penned by former girlfriend Amy Lee--and his band do know how to write some catchy heavy-guitar riffs. What's more, the rhythm section, while overactive, is way tighter than your average indie wusses (check out the surprising swing of the single "Fake It"). But on this South African band's third album, the guitar tones are a teeth-grinding, digitized-sounding nightmare, and a series of I'm-singing-through-a-cell-phone vocal filters can't disguise how played out Morgan's style is. The dreadful active-rock radio format that this album targets could use a great band, or at least a mildly original one. Seether, alas, is neither. Brian Hiatt
originally from

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