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I’m Addicted to Self Help

Sounds comical, doesn’t it?  “My name is Annie-Pat; I’m a self help-aholic.”  I mean how can one be addicted to something that’s supposed to HELP with addictions?

Pretty easily.  I know, first-hand.

ANYTHING can be an addiction, honestly. 

Take water.  Healthy, good for you.  Also can kill you.  You can literally drown yourself with over consumption. 

Or sex, eating, exercise…all great activities and all potential addictions, as well.

Whatever is done to excess, to avoid feeling, to distract from the pain…hello addiction.

Self help is no different.  Meditation, hypnosis, EFT, reiki – there’s a lot of choices.  And in and of themselves, I don’t think they’re “bad”, by any means.

Unless we’re using them to avoid reality.  Now you’ve entered Addiction Territory.  [They’re considered shadow addictions if they appear “socially acceptable” and be hidden.]

Here’s some things to consider about avoidance: 

  1. The reality we fear facing is perceived. It was learned.  It’s not true.
  2. We believe taking responsibility means taking the blame. 
  3. We’re not addicted to self help, we’re addicted to our story.

Boils down to one issue for me: we don’t like ourselves very much.  Why do you think we put our needs last? It’s not out of our great nobility and sacrifice…we don’t think we deserve it.   Besides, my story may be awful, but it’s safe because it’s known.  That’s why I hang on to it and don’t change.


So I’ll read another book, take another course… see, I’m listening to my needs! [all the while keeping my old dysfunction intact.  Genius.]

Nice try.  Not buying it. That’s not self-helping, that’s distracting and avoiding.

The books, the tools, the techniques are all good choices, but they’re SECOND choices.  First choice is you.  Choose you.  Connect to you, connect to your Higher Power and then connect to others. 

Eventually you’ll realize it’s all the same. 

To your New Choices,



Are you one of those folks who knows there is more to life than this?  Visit my web site and request a free introductory consultation to FEZZIK coaching.  Change is hard.  Changing alone is harder.




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