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Are you in constant overdrive?

When I worked as a surgeon, I was always on call, always ready to go at a moment’s notice. 

I was honestly too busy to realize how tired I was. The truth is, I was bone-deep tired. Living in a constant state of exhaustion is too much for a body to handle.

One day, I simply collapsed. For a month, was unable to concentrate, unable to feel, and unable to know what I really wanted to do. Exhaustion sucked me completely dry. 

I realized that…


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BodyMind Consciousness- Lungs - What does it Represent and What is it trying to tell you?


Each quarter, I will share with you the function of a different anatomy of the body.  We will look at the beliefs and issues it represents symbolically in the mind.  The consciousness issues associated with parts of the body typically will derive from the use of symbolism from language as well as the western and eastern medicine concepts.  To get a quick refresher of What is BodyMind Consciousness,…


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Want to (En)Lighten Your Mind? - Let Go!

Have you ever been annoyed or irritated by one (or more) of the following:


The team member who is always late for meetings and is doing minimal to pull his/her weight

The friend who you know has read your emails, text messages that contains a question but does not respond

The rowdy teenagers sitting behind you at the movie

The relative who owes you money but will not pay you back unless you ask for it.

The child on the plane who keeps kicking the back of…


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A Cancer Scare Forced Me To Look At My Choices

I remember it like it was yesterday. 

I stood in the bathroom in front of the mirror after a long, lazy day in southern France. That's when I saw it —a big, ugly, black and white liver spot on my lower back. 

Suddenly, an undertow of awful images of cancer and suffering and chemo and surgery rushed in and sucked me out to sea..

Then, I forced my mind to stop. 

“Wait a…


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FREE Life Coaching AND MORE......

My dear friend Rebecca, a contributor at AdventuresofBeingaWoman.com, Exhale Yoga Instructor, certified Life Coach, and down to Earth Woman has two great offerings:


Want to live a more powerful life? Ask more powerful questions. 

Send in your "Dear Rebecca" Letter now. Each month she'll choose one to feature which includes her response to your letter. Get the clarity, guidance, and support you've been…


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Ask a Life Coach....for FREE!

Have you checked out AdventuresofBeingaWoman.com?  Well, let me tell you that now is your chance to "Ask" Rebecca Niziol, a certified life coach and yoga teacher at Exhale Spa, any question you may have. Its totally free with no strings attached. No sign up required, nothing.

I created Adventures of Being a Woman to provide an abundance of free information and resources to women. I hope you love it as much as…


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Crying on the Subway - Feedback with love, from your body

Crying on the Subway:


I love yoga for making me flexible and strong, and most importantly for giving me knowledge about how my body works. I want to have an intimate relationship with every bone in my…


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Be the Change...

The secret of happiness is: Find something more important than you are and dedicate your life to it.

— Dan Dennett

A great website http://freerice.com/ allows us to help be part of the change we want to see in the world by feeding the hungry in third world countries.  All we have to do is play some word games and other quizzes for free and for every correct answer the UN donates 10mg of rice to…


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Your Stomach - What It Represents & What It Can Be Trying To Tell You

The consciousness issues associated with parts of the body typically will derive from the use of symbolism from language as well as the western and eastern medicine concepts.

Before reading about the beliefs and issues The Stomach represents symbolically in the mind, it would be beneficial to get a general sense of what is BodyMind Consciousness?

Body Mind Consciousness

Our body and mind, like our universe is ONE. It contains all aspects of…


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Heart vs. Mind - How to Strengthen Your Personal Power

Have you ever felt torn between what you want and what you need? Where your mind is telling you to do one thing and your heart is telling you to do another.   


Lately I have noticed that I have been in my head, thinking about all the things I want to do and trying to decide what I need to do.  What should I focus on? At the same time, I have been worrying about the consequences and risks of the decisions I make and how things will play out, how it will affect others, etc.  It has…


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Look Up

Don’t let one cloud obliterate the whole sky.  ~Anais Nin

This is a post response to the wonderful blog by Dr. Brené Brown about courage to be ourselves and be vulnerable which in turn allows us to reach out to love, joy and others and rest more easily in gratitude for here and now, with what we do have www.ordinarycourage.com.

For 2012 Brené´s word to live by and stay in inspiration is light. Our…


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When are you the most Happiest?

A reader recently forwarded an article to me posted by Thriveworks.  A study found we are the most happiest at 23 and 69.

At 23, we are optimistic, keen and hopeful about what the future has in store for us.


At 69, we have experienced and have become competent in adjusting our attitudes and expectations towards the roller coaster of life.


Between 23 and 69, we navigate through the trials and tribulations of life.  We learn to manage our…


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Inner Wisdom

Happiness depends upon ourselves. —Aristotle

Life is a paradox.  Carl Jung highlighted this in his work saying the very things that bring us happiness like family, relationships, friends, work are paradoxically the very things that can cause our pain and suffering.  For this reason Buddhism teaches us the art of detachment, living in the present moment in peace and…


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Love and Gratitude

The name for this blog ´rainbow in my clouds´ was inspired by Maya Angelou and the advice she gives to Oprah Winfrey whenever she is encountering any difficult terrain in her life.  Maya says instead of crying/worrying/complaining about what has happened, thank God for your rainbow because even though you may not be able to see it yet or realize it, a rainbow is coming into your life.

We´ve all…


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With all the different things being told to us it is very understandable how this whole manifesting LOA jazz can confuse. But let us look at this universally what is the pure law of attraction/ manifestation? What we put out is what comes back to us, what we dwell on we draw more of to us.

So let us focus on the awesomeness, live with gratitude. And smile a lot for in that we are telling the universe what I dwell on is what makes me happy.

Expect and welcome miracles. a mantra…


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Toast to Being Unpopular

Have you ever been in an interview or on a date and thought I need to say the right thing, so the person sitting opposite of me will hire me or like me?   How often do you put on your superficial “date face’ and respond “politely” to people instead of being honest and say how you actually feel? 


Recently, I had a debrief of an interview for an internal position that I applied for with my current manager and hiring manager and I was asked.  How do you think you did in the…


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For the record.

In life, I have very few regrets. And to be truthful,I have a strong penchant for the word regret. Instead,I prefer outcomes,situations or lessons and experiences that I am not pleased with the end result. Honestly ,I believe regret is such a strong word__, it gives the bearer of the word a bad reptutation for having a negative attitude. Also, it applies a pessimist view or outlook on life. At forty something, I fall short on regrets in choices of friends,bestfri ends,boy… Continue

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"The F Word"

F*ck It are two of my favorite words in the English language. 

These two words have always brought me joy and has helped me release pain and anxiety  whenever I feel overwhelmed, agitated and fearful of judgment in my life.  This week, I am grateful to have came across an interview with John C. Parkins who is the Live the F*ck It Life founder.  He validated the power of these two words and has given me permission to use it…


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My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Mgr: Side by Side,the work of anextremist,an extreme sport sizing up life,death,and rebirth with life’s credit rating and FICOscore.

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I go through this all of the time,__I stop,__I start,__I grow,__I learn,__ I get angry,___I meditate,__I pray,___I stumble,___I fall apart,__I get still,__I listen,___I shut my eyes,__I build up,__and I tear down,I am my bestfriend,Iam my… Continue

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A Good Night Sleep

I don’t know about you, but lately, I have been hearing from many people that they are not  getting a good night sleep and we all know sleep is so critical to our well-being on so many levels.

Below are some tips to get a good night sleep.  Try experimenting and implementing a few small changes, to find what will make an impact to help improve your overall sleep:

  1. Wear sleep gears (i.e. sleep masks, ear plugs)
  2. Drink hot decaf tea…

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